Greetings, dear reader. It appears to me that we are at very different circumstances right now. Whilst yes, we may both be spiraling through the collective mass of the galaxy, under the ever glow of a great big ball of heat, it is I who is the one going through the very heavy process of filing through tabs to get this blog finally started. And so it has!

You, dear reader, might be wondering exactly what this blog is going to be about. Is it a business page? A new exciting up-comer in the world of fashion blogging perhaps? Hold on, is it really going to be another delicious cooking blog?! CAN YOU HELP ME FIND TRUE LOVE?

The answer to that is- um.. not exactly.

Okay, I’ll give in. I can just about use my home microwave and fry up a few eggs (okay maybe that is a stretch). My sense of fashion devolves purely from the art of secondhand clothes shopping and waiting desperately for sales and bargains on sites like Amazon. Also, my prior business ventures have been truly unremarkable, for the most part.

Oh and for the last one,
I’ve got just what you needed

In any case, I only have one main agenda to maintaining this blog: portraying the insanity of the world in a way so that feels both provocative yet reflective on us all. Whether that means sharing some of the crazier stories of today or riffing on popular ideologies that can share an insight into “Us vs Them” mentalities and echo chambers, I plan to truly expose the world in all it’s madness.

No room for stretching the truth of the matter,

No room for sugarcoating,

This is a world gone mad.


Solving Problems With Bigger Problems

We live in such a day and age where the LGBT community has garnered a universal amount of appraisal and support over centuries of discrimination and prejudice. African American people are also garnering a colossal following and support towards the “Black Lives Matter” movement – for better or for worse. Many groups try to clamber onto the roller coaster, trying to find their own little niche, their identity. Yet they lack a certain amount of maturity, seeing as they are mostly organized by and for people inclined to feeling hopeless about themselves. Unlike LGBT, their problems lack any substance or clarity as to what they are trying to uphold against. Still, I find myself feeling relatively content with this more recent development in society; we should always strive to treat each other as we’d like to be treated. However, what happens when we start twisting the definition of ‘acceptance’ into ‘avoidance’ ? How can someone improve if we keep telling them that change is never the option? Perhaps western society can learn a thing or too… from Japan!


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